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Canadian Tumbleweeds Handpainted Keepsakes and Gifts
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FAQ and Currency Converter
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Q) How do I order products?
A) There are three different ways to place your order, you can either:
-click on the 'buy  now'  button that is located near each item. The items will then be displayed in your 'shopping cart' when you have what you want in your cart, you simply proceed to the 'checkout' to begin finalizing your order.
-fill in the order form and submit it electronically, then mail your payment to Canadian Tumleweeds.
-hand write all required information or fill out and print form, then send it in, with your payment, to Canadian Tumbleweeds.
PO Box 231
Brechin, ON
L0K 1B0
Q) How do I pay for the items?
A) We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover cards, as well as money orders (bank or postal), cashier's cheque, personal cheque (allowing time for clearance) or a third party escrow service is also available.
Q) What is 2checkout?
A) 2Checkout is a 100% secure credit card processing portal. User information is transferred over Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to ensure encryption of your information.
Q) What is an escrow service?
A) This service is available as an option to those who may have apprehensions about making a purchase without an actual physical presence or face to face interaction.  is a third party there to protect you the buyer, and me as the seller, for a small fee, paid for by you, the customer, they will ensure that the process goes smoothly for everyone. I am not an affiliate, nor do I recieve any monies in concern with wether you do or do not use this service.
Q) How will I recieve my items?
A) Your items will be shipped using Canada Post in the most efficient and safest manner possible. There will be no shipping charges added to your order, as our thank you to you. There may be additional taxes and handling charges for US or International residents, please check with your local government.
Q) When will I receive my items?
A) All orders will be shipped within 5 (five) business days, except for large or custom orders. My products are created as they are ordered, therefore, dependant upon the size of your order, I may need more time to finish your items. I will contact you if I feel it is necessary to extend my delivery time.
Q) What is a custom order?
A) A custom order is when you would like to have a say in how the finished product will appear. It may be the size, colour, design, or style that you would like to have different. Any changes to a product is considered a custom design.
Q) What is a large order?
A) 49 or more placecard holders is a large order and/or one or more handpainted canvas pieces. As I have mentioned, I create as ordered and I feel that I must have enough time to provide a quality finished product, if I am rushed to complete an order, I am unable to do so. I hope that this is understandable and doesn't pose as an inconvenience, so please allow enough time when ordering.
Q) Is my personal information safe?
A) All necesary precautions have been taken to ensure your privacy and to protect your user information, all information is stored in a secure database with employee access only.
Q) Do you create any seasonal items out of season?
A) All items are available at any time of the year.
Q) Is the actual purchase price in US dollars?
A) We offer multi-currency at the time of purchase. The currency you choose will reflect the dollar amount and is exactly what you will be charged on your credit card. Please use the currency converter provided for current and up-to-date information.  Available on services and company policies page or at the bottom of this page. 
Q) Are there any additional charges?
A) Ontario residents only- add 8% Sales Tax.  
Q) The placecard holders that I am interested in match perfectly except I would like to know if I could change the silver glitter to gold, this will match my accesories, may I change that?
A) Yes, when placing your order, please note the change in the special instructions section. I will phone to confirm with you to ensure your specific request. This would make your order, a custom order, and you would comply accordingly.
Q) Does it cost any extra to make design changes?
A) Custom orders will not begin until final confirmation on design and cost, so usually this doesn't happen, however, sometimes things change and dependant upon the change and at what stage I am at in completing it, there may be costs incurred. I couldn't honestly say an exact dollar fiqure.
Q) What if I am not satisified with my item?
A) You may return your item withing ten days of recieving it. Product must be returned in the original packaging and insured for full cost. Upon receiving the returned and unharmed product, I will issue a complete refund less our shipping and handling charges.
Q) My wedding is in the summer of 2003, I will have approximately 170 quests and would like the placecard holders to use and to give as favours. I am wondering if you do any personalizing like names or intitials?
A) Yes, I would be happy to put initials or dates on the holders. I recently did some for a wedding  where I put a heart with the date in it on the underside of the base of the holder.  The blocks are quite small, 1 1/4" wide, abbreviations and initials are about all there is room for. There is no charge to personalize, they will be nonrefundabe because of the amount and the personalizing. If you would like to order an amount, say for the head table, you will be able to see what they will look like with or without personalizing and make your final decision then. Please allow time to complete your total order.
Q) Do you have any samples?
A) We do not have samples, but there is no minimum amount either. If you want 2 placecard holders, then order just 2 placecard holders. If you are not sure which ones you like more, order one of each colour, then decide.  I recommend you do this with large or custom orders especially. I don't want you to be stuck with 300 hundred seafoam green and pink holders that you can't use, because you thought the colour was something else; this can happen, so please keep that in mind for those large and custom orders. 
Q) I am interested in the Kokopelli Trio but my space requires it be larger, can you make it any bigger?
A) Yes, I can make them just about any size, large or small, customizing it to your needs.
Q) Do you make any long floor cloths, say for a hallway?
A) Yes, they can be made up to fourteen feet long, and customized to suit.
Q) Do you have any gift certificates?
A) Not at this time, but they will be made available at some point in the near future.  Universal Currency Converter™
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Canadian Tumbleweeds accepts
 Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover


Tanya M. Kazmarck 2001

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