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Placecard holders painted and decorated in the same fashion, from very delicate and soft, to bold and bright. Colour combinations, as you can imagine, are limitless. I would love to make a set for your table, so please let me know if you have a special request.

Raspberry, Pure Yellow, White

Silver, Ebony and Heather

Turqoise Blue, White and Silver

White with Metallic White

Raspberry, pure yellow and white with silver sparkle and white wired satin and sheer bows.ORDER 

Silver, ebony, and heather with silver sparkle and heather / silver bows.ORDER

Turqoise blue, white, silver, with silver sparkle and white wired satin and sheer bows.ORDER

Pure white, metallic white with iridescent sparkle white wired satin and sheer bows.ORDER

Raspberry, Pure Yellow, White

Silver, Ebony and Heather

Turqoise Blue, White and Silver

White with Metallic White

Please note that due to circumstances beyond my control, colours showing may vary from actual product.

Each holder stands approx. 2 1/2 inches in height,
and has been protected with water based varnish
(placecards are not included with purchase)
are always considered.
Don't see a colour that matches your china or tableware?
For more info click on link, then send an e-mail or phone me with your request.

Tanya Kazmarck * Brechin * ON * Canada